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(Application Examples)
(Application Examples)
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* See [[Zornhauw]] Application - Zornhauw Verfliegen
* See [[Zornhauw]] Application - Zornhauw Verfliegen
* See [[Zwerch]] Application - Zwerch Verfliegen

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Fleeing/Flying Off/Flitting

The act of halting a cut just before the opponent parries it, then fleeing the expected bind and instead cutting to one of the other openings.

This is actually a key part of the Meyer square - we fly off to other openings in succession.

Notice that most of the time when the term Verfliegen us used it indicates an abrupt direction change aimed at fleeing the bing; smooth flowing transitions are typically seen in Fehlen and Ablauffen.

Application Examples

  • See Zornhauw Application - Zornhauw Verfliegen
  • See Zwerch Application - Zwerch Verfliegen
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