Guard Progression Drill

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Guard Position Forward Foot Transition to Next Step
Zornhut Left Zornhau + pass forward
Wechsel Right Sturzhau (no step)
Ochs Right Unterhau + pass forward
Einhorn Left Falling false edge cut + pass forward
Vom-Tag Right Oberhau + pass forward
Alber Left Slash up + pass forward
Langort Right Pass forward
Eisenport Left Passforward
Kron Left Wrench left + schnappen
Pflug Right No step, parry with wind
Hangetort Right Zornhau + pass forward
Nebenhut Left Krumphau + pass forward
Schranckhut Right Pass forward, keep tip on the ground
Schranckhut (Meyer's) Left False edge slash up to long point, then move to next guard
Schlussel Left Parry high hanging + mittelhau + pass forward
Mittelhut Right Transition to zornhut (no step) and repeat other side.
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