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Constrainer Cut


The constrainer cut with the dussack seems a fairly generic turn for cuts which follows behind the motion of the opponents blade either to set it aside or cut in behind it, usually with an offline step.


We shall present two basic descriptions of the constrainer shown in the text.

  • Stand in Mittelhut on the left
  • The opponent attacks with a cut (eg a Zornhauw to your upper left opening.
  • Passing Step forward left and cut diagonally down through the zorn line all the way through to the wechsel position on the right, taking his blade well off to the side.

It can also be done without blade contact

  • Stand in Gerade Versetzung
  • The opponent cuts to the upper left opening
  • Lift the hilt to the high left and let the tip fall by your right, leaning aside so the cut falls past you, missing your blade (though you're still shielded by your weapon)
  • Cut a Zornhauw to his upper right opening while his blade is still falling
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