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When at the onset you come into the Wrath Guard, then step as soon as you can reach him and strike a quick Wrath Strike, which he must defend from, to his left ear. Nimbly follow the strike over with an Under Strike against his lower right opening, thus you have now attacked. Under this as and when he is reached for work and the arms show he will strike, then fall low with your sword onto his arm and behind his charge so that he can not come to work, as he will then not be able to rightly defend from this, then thrust to him with an incomplete shove from yourself, that he likewise shows that he would fall, and meanwhile slash to the next opening that you know you have, but if he reaches this and strikes you off, then be there again with the cut or displacement, and fall against his strike on the blade, if he goes off the blade again, then cut him on the arm again, but if he stays on your sword then thrust his sword aside with your hilt and nimbly let your sword fly again to the next opening and swing to him after your need. Thus now you shall fight with all elements of the sword to the body, and from the body to the sword, but where he would twitch or flow off from you, then always use the cut for help, and where you can’t cut, then there can be no useful fencing, but where you can do it rightly, then swing to him as you will. He who can break the cut himself, you will find less, but he who cannot rightly lead the cut will soon be broken.

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What the Device Teaches Us

  • Chasing the arms with slices to forestall him (Schneiden, Verstullen)
  • Cutting to the openings after the opponent is off balance.

Interpretation [DP Working notes]

Meister Lerhling
Waiting in Vom tag, left leg forward Waiting in Zornhut, left leg forward
Passing Step, Zornhauw
Parry away with long edge Cut around with a Passing Step Unterhauw to his lower right opening
Long edge parry, take away to cut around [Slice the arms from below (Schneiden) and shove away.
Cut to the next opening as he is out of balance(unterhauw to other side?)
Void backward, attack back with a Zornhauw. Parry with the long edge (and a step back?)
IF he goes away to cut again Slice the arms and shove again
IF he remains on the sword Shove away with the crossguard/schilt and cut to the next opening, then press back onto his sword/arms.
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