Winding Thrust

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A thrust from into and extended Ochs position accompanied by a helical winding movement forward. Typically performed from the bind.

The execution of this kind of thrust is a movement with the shoulders and legs rather than a "punching" forward with the hands. The fencer simply brings their arms forward and around to ochs while lunging forward. The the movement shouldn't introduce excessive wrist bending.

It is also good practice with these thrusts to consider the angle of the crossguard used in the thrust, angling it to prevent the opponent's blade from sliding your hand in the movement.

The thrust should be achieved with minimal movement offline of the point - practice by placing the point against a wall and winding up around this fixed point.

Application Examples

In which the 'student' demonstrates their knowledge to the 'teacher' of a straight thrust

Meister Lehrling
Extended Pflug, left leg forward, Anbinden established Extended Pflug, left leg forward, Anbinden established
Gathering Step forward, winding up and capturing the Meister's blade in the V of your strong and crossguard, to thrust into extended Ochs to the face.
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