Vom Tag Device 3

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The Third Part

However, if he strikes to your right as you come to be in the High Guard, then step nimbly with your left foot to his right out of his strike, and at the same time fall from above with the long edge onto the strong of his sword and, just as you fall on his sword, thrust your pommel under your right arm, so that you slash at his head with crossed hands fully over or near his sword, if he drives above against your right then let the half edge nearly flow off and step under it full out to his left side, and strike with the long edge directly to his head from above, but twitch nimbly upward again and slash with a traverse from below to his left ear with an off set with your left foot, and then strike him away from you.

What the Device Teaches Us

Interpretation [DP Working notes]

Meister Lerhling
Waiting in Vom tag, right leg forward Waiting in Vom tag, left leg forward
Passing Step, Zornhauw Passing Step forward left, Oberhauw onto his strong
Push your pommel under your right arm and Doplieren behind his blade to his face with a kind of Sturtzhauw
Change to cut a short Zornhauw from your left side at his right ear. Catch the cut with your Sturtzhauw lifting it to an ochs or hangetort and stepping out to his left (your right) with a Passing Step
Cut over with an Oberhauw
Immediately twitch under with a Passing Step back and cut under with a rising Zwerch to his left ear.
Step away with a cut over (Oberhauw)
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