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Plunge Cut


A false edge cut from above that "plunges" down to the upper openings with either a false edge cut or the point (both are used throughout the devices)


The body position for a sturtzhau is much like an extended ochs position with high hands to plunge down over a defence; a right sturtzhauw has the left leg forward, with the blade on the right side of the head, held with crossed hands.

On the left side the arms are uncrossed and the right leg is forward.

There are two plausible executions methods for a sturzhauw:

  • Stand with the left leg forward in Vom tag.
  • Passing Step forward and begin to cut an oberhauw.
  • As the blade gets to around 45 degrees push the pommel up and rotate the right hand so that the false edge is leading.
  • Continue the movement to plunge down with a cut/thrust to an ochs like position


  • Stand with the left leg forward in Zornhut.
  • Passing Step forward and cut a Zornhauw down toward Wechsel (you need not go all the way to wechsel, more often you can simply dip past longpoint)
  • Continue the motion of the blade, crossing the hands as it comes past the left side and cutting over from the left side through an ochs position from above.


Based on the execution section we can use the plunge strike in two ways. In the first instance we strike a regular Oberhauw then when the opponent parries with a Hangetort or Kron we plunge over to the head behind their guard.

Alternatively we perform an Oberhauw, Zornhauw, or even a Krumphauw to clear their blade or parry a blow, and loop over with the plunge strike in a continuous movement (see Krumphauw applications for an example).


In which the 'student' demonstrates their knowledge to the 'teacher', in this case of the mutating of oberhauw to sturtzhauw.

Application 1: Sturzhauw Entry

In this application the cut is a Hitter in the Onset. In this case the fencer is acting in the Vor at the beginning of the technique.

Teacher Student
Nebenhut, left leg forward Vom tag, left leg forward
Passing Step forward with the right foot, strike oberhauw, as it descendes push up the pommel with the left hand and turn the right while keeping it held high so that the point plunges to a cut or thrust to the face.
Withdraw (Abzug) with a defensive high cut or a guard.

Application 2: Sturzhauw Zirckel (circle)

In this application the cut is a Provoker followed by and Oberhauw Hitter in the Onset. In this case the fencer is acting in the Vor at the beginning of the technique.

Teacher Student
Gerade Versetzung, right leg forward, sword crossed around the mid blade with the student Gerade Versetzung, right leg forward
Short Passing Step back, and lift to Vom tag Immediately (Indes) cut a Sturtzhauw, aiming to the right side of the opponent's scalp (take a short step with the foot if necessary).
Cut down to the right to swipe it away Break the Passing Step and take the left foot out backward and to the left, letting the blade move around in a circle and cut a long Oberhauw straight down.
Withdraw (Abzug) with a defensive high cut or a guard.


The plunge cut with the dussack closely follows the longsword version of the cut.

The cut with the dussack generally follows from a zornhauw, whereby the cut flows through the change and plunges over to the outside so that the fencer attacks in the left Stier, though with the point extended out to thrust to the face. This can be followed with further plunging cuts to the other side.

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