Ochs Device 4

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At times you can also, as opportunity allows, attack seriously from one side high traversing to the other, and this on one side somewhat with the long edge, on the other with the short edge or flat. At the last thus also mark where one would be rushed in this guard, so that you cannot bring any element into the before, then shoot forward just then into his face with a step forward in the long point, and in this shooting forward turn the long edge against his oncoming strike and, as soon as you engage, wind on his sword to the next opening.

What the Device Teaches Us

Interpretation [DP Working notes]

Meister Lerhling
Waiting in Vom tag, left leg forward Waiting in Ochs, left leg forward
Passing Step twice, each with a Zwerch, first right, then left, thus returning to Ochs with the left foot forward, then wait in ochs.
Rush forward with a Zornhauw Passing Step forward and thrust into Langort at his face, turning the edge against their sword in the Gerade versetzung.
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