Nebenhut Device 1

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From the Close Guard you will fence into the Arc Strike; as you have been struck to an opening when you hold yourself in the right Close Guard, then step springing with your right foot to his left well away from his strike, and strike with crossed hands above and behind his blade to his head, twitch nimbly (where you don’t want to wrench out to your left) above him with crossed hands and hit strongly with the outward flat from below to his left ear; however where he won’t strike, then fence such as you will learn from the Middle Guard following this.

What the Device Teaches Us

  • Using the Krumphauw as a meisterhau to attack in the same movement as him.
  • Bouncing off (Prellhauw)
  • Wrenching

Interpretation [DP Working notes]

Meister Lerhling
Waiting in Vom tag, left leg forward Waiting in Nebenhut, left leg forward
Passing Step Oberhauw Spring forward in a Passing Step to the front right, Krumphauw to the head.
[Parry with long edge/ochs??] EITHER: (1) Fly off Verfliegen and cut an unterhau with the flat to the lower opening on the left side of his head, bounce off any parry, around and continue fighting from this extended position with the Mittlehut Device 1
OR: (2) Wrench to the left, snap over to the next opening.
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