Mittlehut Device 2

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Or as you have struck to the left into the Middle Guard in pre-fencing, and your counterpart strikes below this to you from above, then step well out from his strike to his right side, and throw your short edge above or outside his right arm to his head, and in this throw in let your blade shoot well in, either to his head or above both his arms, then nimbly twitch your sword upward again and strike him strongly with the long edge from your left above to his right arm, from there fence to him onward as with previous and following elements at your pleasure, and meanwhile since the Roses can also be fenced rightly from the Long Point, just as I set forth the previous element, I will describe it with the Long Point as well thus:

Interpretation [JM Working notes]

Meister Lerhling
Standing in Vom tag, left foot forward Standing in Mittelhut, right foot forward
Cut an Oberhauw Spring out to your left, and cut a Sturtzhauw over his arms to his head
Cut a Zornhauw to his right arm, stepping back into guard with the right foot
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