Meyer Square

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The meyer square is a cutting sequence designed to train student to quickly cut to opposite openings.

The square itself is shown below


The student works his way "around" the square from the outside in, going around the full circle of numbers with a cut for each.

So for the first circle (using a Passing Step with the cuts)

If we use the full square we can follow the following diagram, the top line shows the first two "circles" of the Meyer Square, while the second line shows the third and fourth circle.


When cutting the full square in this way there will be a step with each cut *except* when moving from the second circle of numbers to the third, which is an unterhauw up to einhorn on the right followed by a zornhauw down to wechsel on the right. In this instance no step is required.

Here's a bearded man cutting the full square in place:

Cutting as Parries

The cuts of the Meyer square can be done in opposition with another fencer. When done this way the cuts actually directly parry each other.

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