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Lehrling Level 1 Syllabus

The first Lehrling level introduces tactical concepts such as the stages of the exchange, hitter/provoker/taker strikes, and the ideas of Vor and Nach. The student will know all of the secondary guards, and understand many of the secondary cuts. The Lehrlin I student will also understand important handworks including several deceptions (failing, flowing-off, and flitting), as well as cutting around from the bind.

Previous Levels

The fencer should be able to demonstrate the techniques from the previous levels:


Fencing Theory



Meyersquare lerhling1 alt.png



Secondary Guards

Low Side Guards
High Side Guards
Centreline Guards
Hanging Guards

Guards Progression

The student should be able to perform the progression of guards as a flourish to demonstrate movement and coordination.


Principal Cuts

Cuts need only be performed at moderate speed showing form and technique.

  • Zornhauw
    • Application 3 - Zornhauw Ablauffen
    • Application 4 - Zornhauw Fehlen
    • Application 5 - Zornhauw Verfliegen

Secondary Cuts

Cuts need only be performed at moderate speed showing form and technique.

Crooked cut variations:
  • Krumphauw (crooked strike)
    • Application 1 - Krumphauw to the Arms/Head
    • Application 2 - Krumphauw as a Parry
Thwart cut variations:
  • Zwerch (thwart)
    • Application 1 - Zwerch Entry
    • Application 2 - Zwerch as Absetzen
    • Application 3 - Zwerch Verfliegen
Plunging cut variations:
  • Sturtzhauw (plunge strike)
    • Application 1 - Plunge Strike Entry
False edge cuts which parry:
  • Schielhauw (squinting/schield strike)
    • Application 1 - Schielhauw Entry
    • Application 2 - Schielhauw Absetzen
    • Application 3 - Schielhauw Ablauffen
    • Application 4 - Schielhauw Fehlen
Changing strike variations:
  • Wechselhauw (change strike)
    • Application 1 - Wechselhauw
    • Application 2 - Wechselhauw Driving
Cuts with winding:
  • Windthauw (winding strike)
    • Application 1 - Windthauw Parry

Cutting to the Openings


Handworks need only be performed at slower speed; coordination, form, and technique are the priority. The student should know the appropriate applications for:

  • Umbschlagen (Slashing Around)

The handworks below are already covered in the sections above.

Fencing Free-play

The students shall demonstrate their ability to fence using the principles from Meyer's system in the following conditions:

  • Fight a 2 minute bout at moderate speed showing control and flow


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