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Lehrling Level 2 Syllabus

Lehrling Level 2 studends should have a firm grasp of all of the basic cuts and guards, as well as an understanding of the various handworks (expressed in the parrying/deception sets) used in Meyer. They should also understand the point of the attacks to the 4 openings as desribed by Meyer, and other fundamental theory concerning engagement and tactics.



  • Application 1 - Low Thrust
  • Application 2 - High Thrust
  • Application 3 - Low Thrust Absetzen
  • Application 4 - High Thrust Absetzen
  • Application 5 - Thrust Umbschnappen
  • Application 6 - Thrust Ablauffen

Principal Cuts

Cuts need only be performed at moderate speed showing form and technique.

  • Zornhauw
    • Application 6 - Zornhauw Wechseln

Secondary Cuts

Cuts need only be performed at slow speed showing form and technique.

Crooked cut variations:
Thwart cut variations:
Plunging cut variations:
False edge cuts which parry:
Changing strike variations:
Cuts with winding:

Cutting to the Openings


Handworks need only be performed at slower speed; coordination, form, and technique are the priority. The student should know the appropriate applications for:

Fencing Free-play

The students shall demonstrate their ability to fence using the principles from Meyer's system in the following conditions:

  • Fight a 2 minute bout at slow-moderate speed showing control and flow
  • Fight a 2 minute bout at moderate-high speed using fechtschule rules
  • Fight a 2 minute bout at moderate-hight speed using tournament rules

Dagger & Wrestling



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