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Knuckle Strike

A secondary strike in Meyer's system. This blow attacks the wrists and elbows.

The knuckle strike application below is also a demonstration of the chasing after (Nachreisen) handwork.


The canonical application of the Kneichelhauw is described as follows:

  • Stand in Vom tag
  • As the opponent lifts his hands up to Vom tag cut a rising Zwerch to his wrists or elbows.

We can extend the strike to be generically a strike to the wrists or elbows in this way.


The kneichelhauw is rarely used as a direct first attack except as a means of drawing a response. More often it is used from the bind (Anbinden) wherein the fencer waits for the opponent to take his blade away and at that moment cuts in to the wrists or elbows, or as a chasing movement when the opponent goes up overhead (Nachreisen).

In this respect it can be extrapolated as being any cut against the arms used this way.


In which the 'student' demonstrates their knowledge to the 'teacher'.

Application 1: Kniechelhauw with Nachreisen (Chasing)

In this application the cut is being used as a Hitter in the Onset. In this case the fencer is acting in the Vor at the beginning of the technique. The technique also demonstrates Nachreisen as it follows up after a guard change.

Teacher Student
Eisenport, left leg forward Vom tag or Eisenport, left leg forward
Lift the hands up to Vom tag As soon as they lift Passing Step forward with the right and Zwerch under to the elbows/wrists.
Withdraw (Abzug) with a defensive high cut or a guard.

The student should perform this from both sides, and be aware they can passing step out to the teacher's left, or false step through to the teacher's right.

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