Guards Progression

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A simple sequence which demonstrates all of the guards in Meyer's system. This is not a canonical set of motions, but instead is inspired by contemporary sources like Marozzo.

You can see the sequence here:

The written description is:

Guard Position Forward Foot Transition to Next Step
Zornhut Left Zornhau + pass forward
Wechsel Right Sturzhau (no step)
Ochs Right Unterhau + pass forward
Einhorn Left Falling false edge cut + pass forward
Vom-Tag Right Oberhau + pass forward
Alber Left Slash up + pass forward
Langort Right Pass forward
Eisenport Left Passforward
Kron Right Wrench left + schnappen
Pflug Right No step, parry with wind
Hangetort Right Zornhau + pass forward
Nebenhut Left Krumphau + pass forward
Schranckhut Right Pass forward, keep tip on the ground
Schranckhut (Meyer's) Left False edge slash up to long point, then withdraw the point
Schlussel Left Parry high hanging + mittelhau + pass forward
Mittelhut Right Transition to zornhut (no step) and repeat other side.
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