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By the time the student is ready for the level of Fechter they should have already demonstrated good form when performing techniques in a slower and more controlled manner. For Fechter 1, however, they should be performing techniques with more intent without sacrificing control.

For the Fechter I grading students should demonstrate the techniques in protective equipment (at least using gloves and a mask), first performing the technique slowly, then at high speed.


Meyer's Devices/Plays


Principal Cuts

Cuts should be performed with speed and intent.

  • Zornhauw

Secondary Cuts

Secondary cuts should be performed at higher (not full) speed, while maintaining form and balance. They need not be as fast or aggressive as the principal cuts.


Demonstrate the master cuts using their advanced movements and proper mechanics.

  • Zornhauw Defeats High Cuts
  • Krumphauw Breaks Ochs
  • Schielhauw Defeats Breaks/Langort
  • Oberhauw/Schietelhauw Breaks Alber
  • Zwerch Breaks Tag


Students should be able to dynamically describe/demonstrate the following handworks:

Meyer's Devices/Plays

Fencing Free-play

The students shall demonstrate their ability to fence using the principles from Meyer's system in the following conditions:

  • Fight a 2 minute bout at slow speed showing control and flow
  • Fight a 2 minute bout at high speed using fechtschule rules
  • Fight a 2 minute bout at high speed using tournament rules
  • Referee a 2 minute bout between peers

Wrestling & Dagger

All techniques should show control and cooperation between participants - injuries are not what we're looking for.


Dagger Guards


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