Eisenport Device 1

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This Iron Door is actually (as said above) the Barrier Guard, from which you fence thus: if he strikes one from above, then drive thus out with crossed hands and catch his strike on the strong of your blade, just as he then takes his sword off your blade from this strike, then strike him (while his arms pull over himself) with a forceful upstrike to his arms, as soon as he tries to clear off then fence to his head.

Interpretation [DP Working notes]

Meister Lerhling
Waiting in Vom tag, left leg forward Waiting in Schranckhut, left leg forward
Passing Step, Oberhauw Lift the hands in their crossed position to catch the blow on the long edge with crossed hands above you
Draw back to cut around Step out to the right with a Passing Step to the side and cut an Unterhauw to their arms.
Void backward Press the attack with further strikes to the head.
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