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Running/Charging In

Charging In is nothing other than a charge in under your sword, that both swords come together, and moving to throw or grapple the opponent.


In which the Student demonstrates their skills to the teacher.

Application 1: Rear Throw

Meister Lehrling
Zornhut, left leg forward Eisenport, right leg forward
Passing Step forward with the right foot, cut a Zornhauw to the upper left opening. Passing Step forward and to the left with the left foot, catching the Meister's blade on the strong/crossguard up high (Kron).
Lift the blade and release the right hand so the blade falls behind you, take a Passing Step with the right leg, so your right leg is behind theirs, hip to hip.
Drive the right hand up over the Meister's left shoulder or grasp their collar beside the left of their neck, in readiness for a throw/choke (Einlauffen).
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