Dussack Drills 1

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This first Drill teaches how to send each of the four cuts through its line; firstly halfway, that is into the Longpoint, secondly all the way through the line, cut after cut from one side.

Cutting to Longpoint Drill

This shows how you can parry your opponent's cuts into longpoint.

Stand with your left foot forward and hold your dusack in the Steer, as shown below.

  • Step and cut straight from above down through the vertical line, as far as the Midpoint, so that you're in longpoint (as shown below).
  • From there, let the foible of your dusack drop and run off toward your left, and at the same time as your foible drops, pull your hilt up with hanging blade around your head for a stroke.
  • Simultaneously gather the rear foot up to the forward (right) one.
  • Cut as before through the vertical line, yet no further than to the crossing of the lines, into the Longpoint.
  • From there, gather to cut as before; and do this one cut to three or four forward.

Do this stepping forward, then do it stepping backward.

Repeat this replacing the Oberhauw with:

Cutting Through Drill

This drill goes all the way through longpoint, down, and around, to cut long powerful cuts and sending the opponents cuts away entirely.

  • Cut through the vertical line, letting the dussack cut all the way down and turning so the blade passes your left side, and loops back around into the Wacht guard.
  • As the blade comes up into the Watch guard, gather the rear foot up to the lead one.
  • Gather forward and cut again through the vertical line.

Repeat this several times backward and forward.

We can do the same for the Zornhauw, Mittelhauw, and Unterhauw, for example with the Unterhauw:

  • Starting in Steer
  • Step and cut with the long edge from below through the diagonal line through the face from right to left all the way through, turning the hand after the cut is completed so the thumb faces right and the short edge comes to your shoulder.
  • Gathering step and pull the hilt around the head, cutting up again from below from the right side.

Repeat several times backward and forward.

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