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Winding Through

Following a winding (Winden) with a wrenching over with the pommel.

Application Examples

There is no specific application of Durchwinden in isolation; in essence it is a Blendthauw followed by Außreissen, however the following is included for completeness.

In this application the technique is being used in the Krieg. In this case the fencer is acting in the Vor to initiate the sequence.

Meister Lehrling
[[Vom tag], left leg forward Vom tag, left leg forward
Take a Passing Step with the right foot and cut a Zwerch
Parry down on his strong with your own on the long edge. Take a Passing Step with the left foot to the side and wind to the outside with a Blendthauw
Step forward with a short False Step of the right foot, and wrench over his hands with the pommel from left to right.
Step backward with a Passing Step of the right foot, and slice down on him with the long edge.
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