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Slicing Off

15th Century

Entry incomplete

16th Century

In Meyer the slicing off appears more as a way of attacking or defending with slicing movements (as opposed to parrying with a static blade or a percussive strike against the opponent's weapon). This is done from extended arm positions such as Langort with long edge slicing movements to attack or to set aside the opponent's blade.


Slicing off can be performed to both sides; we're told to use it to hold off attacks until we can find advantage.

Application 1: Slicing off to both sides

In this application the cut is being used as a Taker in the Onset. In this case the fencer is acting in the Nach.

Meister Lehrling
Zornhut, left leg forward Eisenport, right leg forward
Passing Step with the right foot, cut a Zornhauw to the upper left opening Slight Triangle Step to the right with the left foot, catch the blade with the long edge and slice it down toward the ground away to the left, barring ([Sperren]) it.
Attack the nearest opening & withdraw.
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